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St. Vicenç de Jonqueres
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The ancient parish church of Jonqueres has a rectangular shape with two square side chapels at the centre of the nave.
Over the years the building has had important alterations at different periods:
1st. X century: the building of what are now the West and North walls.
2nd. XIII century: alterations to the South wall on enlarging the principal nave.
3rd. XVI: enlargement of the East side.
In 1982 the architectonic complex was restored, but as it was not used it began to sink again. The latest restoration of the building (1993) was linked in to a programme of conservation and maintenance. The Servei General d’Información de Muntanya with the intention of providing an open service to everybody assures that the building is of use to the public as well as providing an ideal place for carrying out activities.

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