Document Collection
St. Vicenį de Jonqueres
Consultation Centre


In the context of the socioeconomic change of the decade of the seventies, Spanish alpinism and specially the Catalan began to develop its activities in mountain areas farther away.
For the purpose of finding documentation about a massif outside Europe and in view of the difficulty that this implied, in 1974 a group of friends commenced work to carry out a joint project, which was to look for, classify, file and work on all kinds of documentation for use by alpinists and with the intention of making it available to everybody.
Right from the beginning the work guidelines of the Servei were established. A document collection rich in quality an quantity was got together, some specialist publications for worldwide distribution were edited and joint studies with other organisations or individuals were made. However, the most important work was the gathering of information.
Certainly, all this work has obtained recognition and prestige for the Servei at both national and international levels.