Document Collection
St. VicenÁ de Jonqueres
Consultation Centre


The Serveiís document collection is wholly specialised in mountain subjects (alpinism, climbing, hikking, alpine explorations) and deals with their sporting, historical and cultural aspects.

LIBRARY. Currently the Serveiís library has some ten thousand books which are classified into sixteen large sections according to their principal themes, with subsections.

MAP LIBRARY. The maps in the library are exclusively for the use of excursionists and alpinists. This means that they are of a sufficiently large scale to be studied in detail. At the moment the collection has more than three thousand maps covering the principal mountain regions of the world.

NEWSPAPER LIBRARY. The Serveiís publications library has more than five hundred different cuttings. The publications library has a complete collection of the principal alpine magazines and annuals of the world and a practically complete one of the others.

PHOTOGRAPHIC LIBRARY. This is made up of photographs of mountains all over the world. An ICONOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE has been started which has the mountain photographs, with itineraries, published in the specialist magazines in the publications library.

FILM LIBRARY. The collection and organization of this documentation is an important reference source.

INDEX OF CONTENTS. Aims provide to who are interested on consult the Servei's Library to know the contents of the most important yearly journals about alpinism and mountaineering, over the world.
We offer the contents/indexes following the areas covered, kind of information and country in wich are published. The yearly journals enclosed are published during the year, but sometimes they gives the activities and data of the same year or precedents.

DOCUMENTS. Perhaps the Serveiís most valuable collection if one refers to the difficulty in compiling it. This usually consists of privately edited documents and thus not on sale. In this section there are some previously existing archives, official and private, which have come into the Serveiís possession.

OTHER ARCHIVES. We would like to mention here that anything published concerning mountains is of interest to the Servei who are keen on filing and preserving it.